Is ChatGPT integrated in the Conversational AI platform?

Is ChatGPT integrated in the Conversational AI platform?

Is ChatGPT integrated in the Conversational AI platform?

We get this question a lot!

ChatGPT is still in beta, and does not have an official API we can interface with at the moment of writing.

ChatGPT is building on GPT-3, both made by OpenAI. In fact some people believe ChatGPT is the successor of GPT-3 being improved at this very moment by millions of enthusiastic community users (like you and us).

How about GPT-3? Can I use it in the platform?

Yes, GPT-3 is enabled in the platform. You can optionally use it as a chitchat module for your chatbots. If you do, it kicks in whenever your regular bot-flow gets an unexpected question. Such as your customer asking the bot name, age, whether it's married, if it's happy. You'd be surprised how many people ask questions like these to a bot.

ChatGPT will make these conversations even deeper and more profound.

How do I enable GPT-3 as a chit-chat module?

When can I start using ChatGPT in my chatbots?

Shortly after it has an official API. Like you, we're eagerly anticipating it's official release!

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