Twilio voice

Twilio voice

Step 1

To set up your voicebot on Twilio, you first need to generate a webhook by clicking on the generate button in the Twilio settings

Step 2

Hereafter, the 'A call comes in' Webhook is needed:

Step 3

This webhook must be copied and pasted into the settings of a phone number. In case you do not yet have a Twilio phone number, you must buy one here. Once you have a phone number, it becomes visible under Manage Numbers:

Step 4

From here, you can click on the number to enter it's settings, Copy and paste the webhook shown above into the 'A Call Comes In' field.

Please note that the Dialog Managers flows that are pushed to production are triggered when testing.

Voice settings

Several settings are available for your voice bot, such as the expected voice-to-text language of the voice bot user, the desired voice-to-text language for the content stored in the dialog manager. Also the timeout settings to reply to a question from the bot using either voice or phone buttons can be found here. On top of that, the preferred voice of the voice bot can be adjusted and a timeout message can be made to tell the user it has used all time until the timeout.

Multiple choice response

Users can be asked to pick from multiple choice responses, such as when an options block is triggered. In that case, a user can either select an option by pressing the corresponding key on its phone (DTMF) or by telling the corresponding number to the chat bot (voice) or the user can decide which option it prefers:

Also, the timeout can be set for the conversation as a whole:


If you experience any issues with your webhook or you want to simply delete your Twilio channel, you can either renew the webhooks or delete them completely at the bottom of the Twilio settings:

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