Top intents widget

Top intents widget

The top intents widgets ranks all the recognised intent.

The widget shows the following metrics

  • Intent name

  • Times the intent is triggered by the bot

  • Percentage of total

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    • Untrained questions widget

      Intro This widget shows the questions that the user posed to the bot, but are not registered as an utterance in any intent. If the NLP engine is highly certain that the user's input belongs to an intent, then the unrecognised input will be visible ...
    • GET: Multiple engine intents scores

      API URL: With this GET request a message can be send to the bot nlu providers, be analyzed and respond to you with the intent recognition results.Please follow the following steps to do so. ...
    • Rating widget

      The rating widget shows a breakdown of the aggregated satisfaction metrics for all the users that were presented the 'rating block' and provided answer.
    • Custom widget

      Intro The Custom Widgets provide a space to display custom created widgets that can be created by using the 'User Statistics-blocks' in flows. Each of these blocks store statistics that can be used as input for simple formulas to create a Custom ...
    • Intents Import & Export

      Intents can be exported by clicking on the 'Export Intent ' button in the intents tab in the bottom. After pressing this button, a unique code is generated. The intents including its utterances, entities and flow is exported as an encrypted json ...