Replace in variable

Replace in variable

The replace in variable block converts specific input from the user in a flow into predefined variables for further usage in the flow.
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      The set variable block defines specific input from the user of a flow into a predefined variables for further usage in the flow.
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    • User statistics

      The user statistics block tracks the number of times a user passes that specific user statistics block and stores this in a variable. This variable can then be used to create custom widgets and metrics. 
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      Variables can be used to define variables that can be used in flows as conversational output. For example, when multiple flows that belong to different intents provide a link to a website in a flow, then the link can be added as a variable. This is ...
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      The equals condition diverts the direction of the flow if the input to it exactly matches the set criteria. For example, the equals condition is ‘yes’. A user answering ‘yes’ will be recognised by the chatbot as fulfilling this condition. ‘Yeah’ and ...