Prebuilt entities

Prebuilt entities

What are Prebuilt entities

Some NLP engines provide prebuilt entities. Prebuilt entities work like self-built entities, but the behavior of prebuilt entities cannot be modified. Prebuilt entities are sets of common types of information. The following are included:

  • Age

  • Date

  • Dimension

  • Email

  • Location

  • KeyPhrase

  • Currency

  • Number

  • Ordinal

  • Percentage

  • PersonalName

  • PhoneNumber

  • Temperature

  • Url

Depending on the language that is chosen, the availability of prebuilt entities may vary.

Please visit:

to see the prebuilt entities for that Microsoft LUIS offers for your language. You can select a pre-built entity from the dropdown-menu.

In addition, sets of prebuilt models for quickly adding common, bot scenarios are available. By using these you can quickly and easily add abilities to your bots without having the need to build these abilities. The availability of prebuilt models may also vary depending on your language. Please visit:

to see the prebuilt models that are available in your language.

NLP Support

Prebuilt entities are currently supported by all Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines.

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