Login trouble shooting

Login trouble shooting

Some users experience trouble with the login on the Blits platform.

The Blits platform supports 2 methods of login:

  • Blits login (login with email)

  • Microsoft Account login

Please note that Microsoft account don't work on the Blits login fields. If you want to sign-in with Microsofts accounts, please the Microsoft account button on the login page.

Q: I have trouble logging in with my Microsoft account

It is possible that your web browser tries to automatically log in using a Microsoft account of which you have stored the credentials in your browser. If this account is not connected to your Blits account you will get an error. Please try to logging in using a private or incognito window if you experience this problem.

Q: Still issues logging in?

It is possible that the web browser you are using is causing issues. The best results are obtained when using either Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your default web browser.

Q: How do I know what type of account I'm using?

By default we create accounts and users with a Blits account. If your organisation is connected on an enterprise account to Blits, you are able to use an existing Microsoft account, In this case you've should received a message from your company's administrator. If Blits issued a Microsoft Account, your can recognised this by that the username ends in @user.blits.ai.

Q. I forgot my password

Please use the help button in the lower left corner of the screen to receive support for account retrieval if you use the Blits login method. If you lost your Microsoft account credentials, please visits microsoft.com to reset your credentials.

If you still experience login problems, please contact us via the help button on the platform or by sending us an email at support@blits.ai

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