Flow Errors

Flow Errors

When building a dialog or conversational flow, the flow is automatically checked for correctness. If your flow does not work, it cannot be published and the Dialog Manager will indicate the issues with the flow. When bots do meet all necessary requirements it can be published.

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    • v2.0.7

      The list below shows the features that were introduced, changed or removed with the release of v2.0.7. In this version, several bugs worth mentioning were resolved, while also UX improvements were made. Features You can test the NLP performance ...
    • Versioning & Activating

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    • Set Variable

      The set variable block defines specific input from the user of a flow into a predefined variables for further usage in the flow.
    • Replace in variable

      The replace in variable block converts specific input from the user in a flow into predefined variables for further usage in the flow.
    • Message

      The message block provides a message to the user of the conversation flow