Create a new bot

Create a new bot

To create a new bot, press the button "create new bot" on the bot's overview page.

(If you don't see this button, your role doesn't have the right permissions, please contact your administrator)

After clicking this button, you can either decide to create a bot from scratch or to use a template bot as your starting point.

(create a new bot popup in the platform)

1. Create a bot from scratch

Settings when creating a new bot

When creating a bot, you have to input a unique name and select an initial Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that recognises your intents and entities (i.e. Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, etc). This engine can be switch at any point in time in the future. In addition, a language for your bot must be picked. The supported languages are based on the availability of the selected NLP engines. This means selecting different engines, will enable more or less languages to choose from for your bot.

After selecting the settings, press "create" and your new bot will be created in around 60-90 seconds.

Currently Supported NLP Engines

  • Microsoft Luis

  • IBM Watson

  • Google Dialogflow

  • Rasa

  • Amazon Lex


  • Nuance (connect only)

2. Use a Template Bot

It is also possible to use one of the four available templates as a starting point for your bots. Each template does not only apply to different use cases, but each template also shows different tips and techniques for building a chat bot in the Dialog Manager.

3. Import a bot

If you want to import an already existing bot, press import bot. The platform supports the Blits .enc files as an import. You can generate your own reusable files by exporting existing bot in its settings.

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