Blits Automate

Blits Automate

Automatic engine selection

Blits Automate helps companies automatically select the best underlying conversational AI engines for your chat & voicebots. Meaning you no longer have to search and optimize the performance of your bots across various market services in order to select an engine that understands your customers' questions.

By automatically scanning your user conversational data and NLP model, our battle-tested algorithm Blits Automate selects the best engines fitted for your use-case and language. By continuous tracking of performance, customer input, and data validation, Blits Automate is able to switch to the best fit at any point in time, making sure your chat & voicebots are understanding your customers' needs, 24/7 and 365 days a year.
You can enable blits automate by toggling the setting during bot creating, or in the NLP performance tab.


Blits Automate works autonomously and is compatible with all intent recognition engines in our platform, ranging from Microsoft, Google, IBM to Nuance. It will run its algoritme daily and selects and switches between al the selected NLU engines setup for your bot.

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