About bot analytics

About bot analytics


Every bot comes with its own monthly analytics dashboard. This is used to track usage and the performance of your bot. It also gives suggestions to improve your bot.

The standard bot metrics include:

  • Amount of interactions (amount)

  • Intents recognized (percentage)

  • Touchless handling (percentage)

  • Amount of unique users  (amount)

  • Amount of conversations  (amount)

  • Average time spent  (time in sec)

  • Percentage positive sentiment (percentage)

  • Customer satisfaction (rating)

  • User Retention (percentage)

Additional widgets include:

  • Intent recognition score widget

  • NLU performance widget

  • Untrained question widget

  • Unexpected answer widget

  • Platform status/uptime widget

  • Top intents widget

  • Satisfaction Rating widget

  • Interactions per channel widget

If no data available some widget are hidden until they contain data. In addition the platform enables the support of creating custom widgets.

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